Saturday, 3 July 2010

Elijah wood talks Cumbia

Looking around into online cumbia world, we almost forget part of the interview when Elijah wood the lord of the rings' actor talking about his feelings about Cumbia with Paste magazine.

Paste: So, what music are you listening to right now?
Wood: I haven’t fallen in love with and listened to a record from front to back like I have with the Black Keys record. I just got this record by a band called Tame Impala, called Inner Speaker. It’s heavily influenced by late-‘60s, early-’70s psychedelia. They’re from Perth, Australia, and the lead singer often times really reminds me of George Harrison. So it has this sense of…if the Beatles had done really intense, late-’60s psychedelic rock. There was a great compilation that came out a couple of years ago called The Roots of Chicha, which was a really incredible compilation of Peruvian psychedelic cumbia music. I fell in love with cumbia as a result of it. I had never heard of that style of music before. So just recently, I looked online for another compilation, just to see if I could satisfy my cumbia needs.

Paste: I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with cumbia needs.
Wood: [laughs] Well… I had them.

Paste: And you survived?
Wood: I totally did. There’s another band on that compilation called Juaneco y Su Combo. I found a whole record of theirs called Masters of Chicha. If you’ve never heard cumbia, check out The Roots of Chicha. That album is incredible.

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