Tuesday, 26 October 2010

From Sweden: Emayo Cutz (From Argentina to Sweden)

A Collective Cumbia group conformed by El hijo de la cumbia (Arg) , Joelito (Sweden) and Rebenga (Arg).


Emiliano Gómez – El Hijo de la Cumbia
In 1996, at the age of 12, Gómez made his first performances on stage in Argentina, where he played for well-known tropical bands which he toured throughout the country with.
At the age of 16, he began to produce his own band and met DJ Taz. At that time, he was influenced by other music genres like the dancehall, Reggae Roots, Dub, Rap that were not massively listened to.
His search for his own music style and new tools to express it moved him away from stage and led him to work with music mixture and edition.
As editor and music producer, he became involved with cumbia sonidera in Mexico and worked for important groups like Pesadilla, Maravilla, Kien, Super Changos and La Contra….. Due to these artists, he got into the new genre and cumbia in Mexico, New York and L.A.
A Colombian cumbia collector living in New York gave him his artist name when he called Gómez “El Hijo de la Cumbia” (Cumbia’s son)
“FreeStyle de Ritmos” was his first album, whose songs were intended to create something different, like all the music influences and feelings that inspired him.

Buying his first turntable back in 91 starting out making hip hop mixtapes for friends, Joelitos hand has been on the wheels of steel for a long time. He made a turn from hip hop towards dancehall in the mid 90′s, and after a trip to Jamaica in 97 his set was all Jamaican riddims. A few years later he went on and formed a sound system called De Luxe Crew with a few other dj’s and MC’s surrounding Notion Vibez, a reggae/dancehall radio show Joelito hosted. On the side Joelito did a few gigs with Rebenga with a more latin influenced set under the name of Benny Blanco, taking influence from Venezuela where he spent a year in 94-95. This is also where his love for the guacharaca and accordion was founded, from the Vallenatos and Cumbias that always played on busses and on the radio in San Cristobal close to the Colombian border.

After forming the De Luxe Crew (Later De Luxe Sound system) Joelito Dj’d for them as resident in various venues in the south of Sweden, one of them the legendary reggae club Bam Bam in Malmo, also arranging/hosting many clubs. The last few years Joelito has concentrated on making mashup mixtapes and later producing his own tracks and remixes. His productions vary from dancehall to hip hop and UK funky house and of course Cumbia.


To the sounds of Zitarrosa and Viglietti twoyearold Rebenga left Buenos Aires and embarqued on a journey. With an ever-changing setting Rebenga has experimented his way through life with a passion for technique and music. As a club organizer he always seeks to break unknown ground. Working the venues of southern Sweden as a deejay mixing latin electronica, dancehall and reggaeton. When the new cumbia influenced productions out of BA came out they where warmly welcomed to his set. He was one of the first deejays in Sweden to see the walls trembling by taking nu cumbia to the dance floors. In the last few years  the cumbia has been the foundation of his set, blended with many different styles and genres. Rebenga has also entered the studio alongside his Joelito making radio mixes and producing cumbia remixes. Being aware of Rebenga’s passion for music and technical skills the future is yet to come. Not knowing the final destination of this lifelong journey the sky will remain Rebenga’s limit.


Latest tracks by Joelito

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