Wednesday, 27 October 2010

From Germany: Señor Coconut

Uwe Schmidt (aka Señor Coconut; born in Frankfurt, Germany) is a German DJ and producer of electronic music.

By 1996 he was thoroughly bored by European dance music and moved to Santiago, Chile to explore Latin music. He quickly adopted the intentionally ridiculous Señor Coconut moniker, and soon released El Gran Baile, finding time afterwards to do a little remix work for Towa Tei, formerly of the multi-national Deee-Lite.


If there's one producer who can find Caribbean/Spanish flavors in dead serious electronic music it's Chile-based Uwe Schmidt. As Señor Coconut he's injected the region's lightheartedness into the spartan music of man-machines Kraftwerk and the icy "Sweet Dreams" by The Eurythmics, among others. But my favorite cover is of "Moskow Diskow" by Telex, emulating its synthy chug with marimba patter, bursting horn arrangements and Argenis Brito's lively vocal flourishes. Plunking a colorful little umbrella in the eyes of purists, Señor Coconut's tropical vision lifts a bit of weight from listeners' shoulders like a limbo bar.

Sounds like: Buena Vista Social Club, Harry Belafonte after a jazz herbal cigarette

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