Sunday, 31 October 2010

Kausary on ZingZillas (UK TV Show)

An Special appereance of Jhonny Rodriguez & Marco Valencia from the Peruvian Folk band Kausary, playing on the TV show ZingZillas on BBC-CBEEBIES playing peruvian flutes (Kenas).

ZingZillas - Series 2
3. Panzee Gets the Giggles
A band of primate friends play music in their tropical island paradise and meet different musical guests.

A loud clattering sound from outside makes Zak jump, and so he sings a song all about being a big brave gorilla and not being scared, to prove to the others that he's not scared of anything. After seeing some Andean pipers in the glade, the ZingZillas decide that they should make some panpipes for Zak to play in the Big Zing. Zak rushes off to the other end of the island, where there is a big bamboo bush, to collect some bamboo sticks.

Unbeknown to Zak, Todd is trying out his latest banana picking invention the other side of the bush. As Zak collects a stick the banana picking machine makes a strange noise which scares Zak and he runs off with only one stick. When he returns to the Club House the others can't understand why he only collected one stick and remind him that they need more than one to make their panpipes. Reluctantly Zak goes back to the bush. Another loud groan from the banana picking machine sends him fleeing yet again with only one piece of bamboo.

The other ZingZillas realise that there is a problem and follow Zak as he heads back to the bamboo bush for yet another attempt. This time they all hear the strange sounds. Just as they are about to run away Todd emerges and explains that the strange noises are coming from his machine. Zak is able to collect all the bamboo he needs just in time for the Big Zing!

Featuring Andean pipers Kausary.(Johnny Rodriguez & Marco Valencia)


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