Thursday, 28 October 2010

La Chusma : Cumbia Bestial (16 canciones bailables extra sabrosas)


As surprised as Berliner DJs may be about Cumbia being produced in far-away Australia, the Berlin scene surprised me last year how switched on they are to Cumbia.  Now a label dedicating itself to Cumbia is born in Berlin: Chusma Records, started up by DJ TioChango and DJ Don Chicharrón of La Chusma.  Their first serving is a compilation that claims to define a new sub-genre known as Cumbia Bestial.  The compilation is called Cumbia Bestial!, and available as download, vinyl EP or CD with a great booklet.  The first half of the comp is more hip hop influenced, with the second half really taking off in a more electronic direction with the likes of Toy Selectah, Zurita, Copia Doble Systema, El Remolon and the Cumbia Cosmonauts.

Cumbia Bestial! (Chusma Records, 2010):
01. Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido – Cumbia
02. Systema Solar – Ya Veres
03. Bomba Estereo – Fuego
04. Sekreto – Gota [Hijo De La Cumbia remix]
05. Benny Bazz – Cumbia, Tabaco Y Ron
06. Miss Bolivia – Alta Yama
07. Master Blaster Soundsystem – Pan Con Vino
08. Toy Selektah – Half Colombian Half Mexican Bandit
09. The Binary Cumbia Orchestra – La Inconformable
10. Zurita – Llega Fauna
11. Cumbia Cosmonauts – Cumbianauts Incoming
12. Paco Mendoza – La Frekuencia
13. Tio Chango – Bocachico [feat Frente Cumbiero - remix]
14. Copia Doble Systema – Colegiala [Pista mix]
15. El Remolon – La Guajira
16. Frente Cumbiero – Aguanegra

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