Thursday, 28 October 2010

Pernett : Electronic Press Kit


Humberto Pernett was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, and grew up in the midst of this city¹s famous carnival atmosphere. Since early childhood he was captivated by music, and curiosity made him his own teacher.
This musical experience shaped Pernett¹s own rhythms and styles: folklore produced with electronic instruments.

Since 2003 until today, Pernett is often invited to tour with Richard Blair¹s project Sidestepper. Colombia¹s most international world music group regularly tours the USA,Mexico, Canada and Europe.

His career as a vocalist was launched in 2004, when Pernett & The Caribbean  Ravers was created. A modern, elecotronic version of the classic Colombian orchestra. On stage Pernett sings, does keyboards and plays the traditional Œgaita¹ from Colombia¹s Caribbean coast. Pernett & The Caribbean Ravers have toured extensivley within Colombia as well as Europe and Mexico.

Pernett , the producer, has been busy making music for many years now. The first result of his broad musical experience was ³Musica Pa Pick Up² (2004). Then he co-produces with Richard Blair and Felipe Alvarez ³Cumbia Galactica² (2006). Both releases are considered important exponents of new Colombian music. Pernett is a natural leader of this modern urban folklore!


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