Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Roots of Chicha 2

 The Roots of Chicha Vol.2: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru

After last year's release of Chicha Libre's album 'Sonido Amazonic' (wherein the Brooklyn band performed originals and covers inspired by chicha, the brand of psychedelic surf cumbia which emerged in Peru in the late '60s), it's time to go back to the source with this excellent collection of vintage chicha.
'Roots of Chicha 2' showcases eleven bands and sixteen tracks recorded from 1967 to 1981: music rooted in the changing sounds fostered by the worldwide musical revolution that took place in the late '60s, yet still sounding oddly timeless. It focuses on the urban aspect of the music, highlighting some lesser-known bands, as well as including some of the early Cuban-influenced groups who played a crucial role in the elaboration of the chicha sound, together with some of the later bands who play in the more Andean style that came to be referred to as chicha.


Track Listings

1. Los Destellos - Constelación
2. Compay Quinto - El Diablo
3. Los Ribereños - Silbando
4. Los Ilusionistas - Colegiala
5. Los Destellos - La Pastorcita
6. Los Wembler's de Iquitos - Lamento del Yacuruna
7. Grupo Celeste - Como Un Ave
8. Manzanita y su Conjunto - El Hueleguiso
9. Chacalón y la Nueva Crema - A Trabajar
10. Los Destellos - Cumbia del Desierto
11. Ranil y su Conjunto - Mala Mujer
12. Manzanita y su Conjunto - Agua
13. Los Shapis - El Aguajal
14. Manzanita y su Conjunto - Paga la Cuenta Sinvergüenza
15. Los Walkers - Siboney
16. Los Wembler's de Iquitos - La Danza del Petrolero

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