Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Caballo and the Mothafu Kings : Sonidero Revolucionario (Free download)

Caballo is back..with the fourth DOUBLE album called SONIDERO REVOLUCIONARIO N' SONIDERO EVOLUCIONARIO, in where you'll find the finest collaborations Caballo has gone thru since Global Propaganda. Caballo keeps dropping unashamedly political lyrics, welded with explosive new rhythms of latin/world/afro-beat, dubstep/breakbeats and Global Bass.
With lyrics to open minds and attack the actions of this world media and governments. The skillful use of very known names in Dubstep such as Nit Grit, FLeCK, Process Rebel, Cottonmouth and Saism..and Latin finest new Cumbia masters Sonido del Principe, Mr Ioso, Sonotech, The Cumbia Binary Orchestra, plus the Eclectic sounds from Global Bass monsters like Munchi, Volfoniq, Dj Regeeanomics, Kinky Electric Noise, and si: Red Hot Chilli Peppers!! Adding Caballo vox creates this unique sense of identity. "Sonidero Revolucionario" juxtaposes hushed, vivid spanish vocals amidst a backdrop of mind blowing beats .

The tracks also include a vocal variety. "Sonidero Evolucionario" on the other hand is a Side B and UNRELEASED tracks Album and caballo's vocals and edits are tightly woven into a sonic protest against the unjustified madness of this world. The mood of the album flips to lightness on the gorgeous "persistance," or the darkstep version of Positive Riddim feat MC ZULU plus many unreleased tracks. Sonidero Revolucionario is FREE DOWNLOAD


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