Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Choc Quib Town


Choc  Quib Town visited Europe in 2010 promoting their album Oro; also came to London to do some gigs at Jazz Cafe, Electric Ballroom, LoveboxColombianamente 2010 as a celebration of 200 years of Colombia independence, Barbican Hall and Glastonbury and some jam at Passing Clouds with la mojarra Electrica. The video below we can see the mix of rythms of the pacific from colombia as the marimba de chonta and Tamboras(drums) part of their album Oro.

Choc Quib Town are an Afro-Colombian hip-hop band whose independently released debut album, Somos Pacífico, won them critical acclaim. Founded in Quibdó, the capital city of the Chocó region of Colombia, Choc Quib Town are comprised chiefly of rappers Tostao, Goyo, and Slow, in addition to several musicians who perform the band's tropical style of hip-hop. Choc Quib Town made their full-length recording debut in 2006 with the independently released Somos Pacífico. The album was subsequently remastered in London and re-released in 2007 on the Polen label. In 2008, as acclaim for the band continued to mount -- including a pair of Premios Shock nominations - Choc Quib Town also released El Bombo, a three-track EP.
Colombia may be best-known these days for the massive success of its Latin pop stars Juanes and Shakira, but African-influenced traditional styles can still be heard out on the Pacific coast up towards Panama, and the Choc Quib Town trio have set out to rework the old songs for the hip-hop generation. The result is an entertaining, upbeat and varied dance album that effortlessly switches between different folk material that has survived since slavery days, and is performed on instruments like the African marimbas, with bursts of slick, often rapid-fire hip-hop. It works well, thanks to production work from a team that includes Sidestepper's Richard Blair and, thanks to the variety in the material, which includes distinctive local rhythms like the upbeat bambazu and the slow, slinky currulao, along with the gently driving and chanting rumba of Rumba Sin Pelea, or the brass-backed salsa of the gently stomping, soulful Pescao Envenenao. Choc Quib Town have become wildly popular with Afro-Colombians, thanks to songs like the rousing Somos Pacifico, which appears in three different versions here, and has become something of an anthem along the Pacific coast. It's also great party music and should do well at the summer festivals. They are already booked for Glastonbury and Lovebox.


The backbone of this Afro-Colombian trio's music is hip-hop, but the beats have a thrilling elasticity so often lacking in the genre.
And despite the potential language barrier of most of the absurdly catchy songs being in Spanish, this debut album's vibrant mix of ragga, funk and various Colombian and Latin roots styles makes it one of the most immediately appealing chunks of crossover hip-hop since The Score: Refugee Camp by the Fugees. Sexy, tough and compellingly bouncy.

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