Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Copia Doble Systema

COPIA DOBLE SYSTEMA was born early 2009, heavily inspired by the nuevo cumbia that infused electronic estethics into folk music of Latin America.
We started slowing down techno adding some traditional percussive elements, and so started a journey into a style that includes both old and new sounds. We quickly started to perform in larger and smaller constellations, and during 2009 we managed to play at numerous indoor and outdoor parties like Strøm Festival, a Womex showcase, Roskilde Festival Camping Area, at street parties in Copehagen, in Christiania, at a reggae bar in Hanoi (Vietnam), at film screenings, fine art receptions, in Brorsons Church featuring Iraqi guest singer Fanar Ghali and at private events with amazing response, as the audience was not used to, but still loved to hear the fusing of slow tempo with high and happy spirit music.

COPIA DOBLE SYSTEMA is also proud to have produced, played and/or shared the night with great artists such as Fauna (ZZK, Arg.), Douster (Maddecent, Fr.), Rude Barriobeat (Manu Chau, Esp.), Fyah Luv (Dk/Jam), Doma Tornados (Bersas Discos, Esp.), dj/Rupture (Soot, US) and many more.


After a couple of initial mashups and bootleg remixes, we started to compose our own songs. Then we started to gather multitalented musicians to shape a 6 piece orchestra. Our crew now includes vocalists, percussionists, instrumentalists and electronic musicians from Copenhagen, Stavanger, Bogota and Caracas.

Our version of the classic latin song Colegiala, as well as our first mixtape went straight into the heartland of cumbia blogosphere in Argentina, as well as other influential world 2.0 type of blogs.

Our debut instrumental single is due in march 2010 on Urban World Records, featuring to remixes by Maga Bo (Shockout) and Chico Mann (Soot Records).

Copia Doble vs Major Lazer - Colegiala Pon De Floor (Copyflex Mixup) by COPIA DOBLE

Pepita, Caracas, Venezuela (voce, flautas, teclado, bailerina)
Andres Pacheco, Bogota, Colombia (voce, percussion, dansaor)
Ivancho Watt, Bogota, Colombia (tambores, percussion)
Mikkel "Pizzikuto" Stange, Copenhague, Denmark (teclados, conga, percussion)
Nando Zet, Bogota, Colombia (marimba, quatro, basso, melodica)
Marquinho Da Dona Geralda (conga, pandeiro, wiro, triangolo etc.)
Dj Er Du Cumbia Eller Hvad (dj mix, loops)
Copyflex, Stavanger, Norway (computadora, teclados, basso, director de orquesta)


ØBRO - VJ, Graphics, Documentation, Lazers, Video
SAUNACIGAR - Grapichs, Video
MARIANA CAMBEROS - Costumes, Decor, Graphics


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