Monday, 15 November 2010

Cumbia Callera (2007)

Framed by the high mountain chains that surround the city of Monterrey (Mexico), three youngsters live passions and dilemmas, roaming between the steep slums and the luxury districts, crowned by the irresistible rhythm of the "colombia regiomontana".
Genre: Musical
Country: Mexico
Year: 2007.
Duration: 94 min
Director: René Villarreal
Scenario: Ana Rebuelta, René Villarreal
Cast: Fernanda García Castañeda, Oliver Cantú Lozano, Andul Zambrano, Emma Mirthala Cantu, Rubén González Garza
Cumbia Connection is a love story, which centers on La Cori (Fernanda García Castañeda). La Cori, a teenager of abrasive and savage beauty, finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between El Neto (Oliver Cantú) and El Guipiri (Andul Zambrano). El Neto, a young middle-class filmmaker, becomes fascinated with La Cori and, without her knowledge, follows her around; filming her beautiful body's every move. Little by little, his obsession brings him closer her essence, but also brings him face-to-face with his rival, El Guipiri – La Cori's lover. The confrontation between El Neto and El Guipiri caused by their love for the same young woman, and the attraction between the three teenagers, seduced by the mysterious magic of the music and dance to the rhythm of Colombia of Monterrey, create "Cumbia callera".
Best Film Perspectives Competition, 2008 30th International Film Festival Moscow, Russia
Kodak Best Debut Award, 2008 30th International Film Festival Moscow, Russia
Best Opera Prima, 2008 10th Iberoamerican Film Festival, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Best Film, 2008 13th International New Directors Film Festival, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France
Audience Award, 2009 12th International Film Festival, Punta del Este, Uruguay

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