Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Cumbia Rockers Allstars

"The band "Cumbia Rockers Allstars" is born with the union between artists from colombian and french underground scenes mixing traditional cumbia with nowadays beats and tricks in connection with Cumbia Rockers parties in Berlin .
First EP coming soon..."


Askoman: lead vocals , arrangements
Alroc Delito: lead vocals
Carlos Tabares: Trompette
Diego el Leon Guerrero: guitare
Gustavo Angulo (mono millo): Alegre, Gaita, Flauta de canamino
Gilma Magyaroff: aditional vocals
Jorge (pambe) Fuentes:Tambora, Alegre
Juan Pablo Valencia aka Dragao Style: programmation, composition
Marco Fajardo: saxophone, clarinette
Mauricio "Batori" Pardo: vocals
Panchis aka Dj Criminal: scratchs, guitare, arrangements
Street Ghost: vocals


Bruno Sourice: mix, mastering
Dawan: composition, programmation, arrangements, mix
La Gaitana: lead vocals
Macky Ruff: lead vocals, percussions, composition, programmation, arrangements
Mr Ricky: lead vocals
Tairo: vocals
Yao: Keybord


Cumbia Rockers Connexion
D.J Kid Watusi
Paulo San Martin


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