Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Eva Ayllon sings Chabuca Granda in Europe (Nov - Dec. 2010)

The Afro-Peruvian diva Eva Ayllón has for thirty years attracted full houses in North and South America. Ayllón sings Lando, festejo and Creole waltzes, and various hybrids of Peruvian, African and Spanish music. Line up: Eva Ayllon - vocals, LIy Mariano - bass, Franco Luciani guitarron, Walter Velazquez Guitar, Marcos Campos - percussion, cajon, congas, Rosa Ayllon vocals / percussions.
LINE UP:  Eva Ayllon - vocals Mariano Liy – bas/ guitarron Walter Velazques – Gitaar/ requinto Marcos Campos - percussion, cajon, congas / Rosa Ayllon- vocals/ percusion


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