Monday, 8 November 2010

Saca la mois DJ

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Saca la mois DJ!! (a.k.a. Moses Iten) first and foremost incites dancefloors from Melbourne’s boutique bars and warehouse parties to the world’s biggest Caribbean festival. Feeling equally at home in so-called club and world music, saca la mois DJ!!’s unique selector style - which includes Mexican-style MCing, laser sfx and refreshing rhythm changes - has made him a regular on the Australian and European festival circuits.

Known to drop plenty of digital-dubplates sourced straight from like-minded local and international producers, saca la mois DJ!! is gaining a reputation for recognizing new production talents and electro-roots sounds coming from Latin America via his series of “americas” compilations released on

saca la mois DJ!! sometimes also curates events exposing underexposed sounds such as Middle Eastern Dub and Flamenco Beats alongside LA SANTA CUMBIA SAGRADA, and in 2010 toured nationally with the Big Day Out as a resident DJ/co-curator of the 'El Borracho' stage within a Mexican-themed Lilyworld.

saca la mois DJ!! is equally passionate about shaking bodies as minds, and whilst searching for the next dancefloor hit, stays busy creating DJ soundscapes in dub and electronic experimentation with music that has (or evolves) deep, strong roots.

As a producer and live performer saca la mois DJ!! is a co-producer and performer with tropical space cowboys The Cumbia Cosmonauts, who work closely with various Latin American scenes, soon to be released on Scattermusic (Melbourne) and ZZK Records (Buenos Aires) and have so far remixed ClorofilaTremor (Argentina) and Radiokijada (France/Peru).

Past DJ shows:
of Nortec Collective (Mexico),
Constantly on tour nationally and internationally, saca la mois DJ!! has played huge festivals such as Big Day Out (Australia), Lowlands (Netherlands), Antilliaanse Feesten (Belgium), as well as many underground/arts festivals such as MONA FOMA Festival, Melbourne Latin American Film Festival, Spanish Film Festival, Hola Mexico Film Festival, Bellingen Global Carnival and the Melbourne/Tijuana Convergence (Mexico).

Saca la mois DJ!! has DJed alongside international artists like Nortec Collective (Mexico), Latinsizer (Mexico), DJ Chucuchu (Mexico), Sonido del Principe (Netherlands), The Peronists (Argentina), Bomba Estereo (Colombia), Chief Boima (USA), DJ Russ Jones (UK), Deadbeat (Canada), Filastine (USA), DJ Olive (USA), DJ BNX (France), Coco Varma (UK), Stereo Total (Germany), Upper Hutt Posse (Aotearoa/New Zealand), Russ Jones (UK), DJ Silence (Switzerland), Checkpoint303 (Tunisia/France/Palestine), DJ Hamatai (Japan) & State Of Bengal (UK). In Australia, saca la mois DJ!! has appeared on bills with acts including Combat Wombat, Monkey Marc, Miso, Curse Ov Dialect, LABJACD, Mista Savona, Scattermish, Lewis Can Cut, Mr Fish and Spoonbill.

“Cumbia has been celebrated and adopted outside of the Americas and in Australia

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