Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sailor " La Cumbia" (1991)

Sailor's video of their single 'La Cumbia'. Words and music by Georg Kajanus. (Released in 1991.)  This song was covered by Cuba Club in 2007. Kajanus also penned the Sailor hits 'Traffic Jam', 'A Glass of Champagne', 'Girls Girls Girls', 'La Cumbia' and 'The Secretary' and the DATA hits 'Living Inside Me' and 'Ricocheted Love'. Another recent Kajanus cover is Scooter's 'Jumping All Over the World', a reworking of 'Champagne'.

Sailor is a British pop group founded in 1973, featuring Phil Pickett, Georg Kajanus, Henry Marsh and Grant Serpell. The band was still performing in 2007, albeit with personnel changes.

The group’s musical line-up incorporates such diverse instruments as mandolins, glockenspiels, accordion, military bass-drum, and the legendary Nickelodeon, an extraordinary instrument designed and built for the purpose of delivering Sailor’s definitive sound.

    * Georg Kajanus: (born Prince Georg Johan Tchegodaieff, 9 June 1946, Trondheim, Norway) 1973-1979, 1990–1995
          o lead vocals, 12-string guitars, acoustic guitars, charango, Veracruzana harp, harmonium, synthesisers, "Klockwork machinery"
    * Henry Marsh: (born Ian Henry Murray Marsh, 8 December 1948, Bath, Somerset) 1973-1999, 2005–present
          o Nickelodeon, accordion, piano, marimbas, synthesised brass and reed, synthesisers, acoustic/electric guitars, computer programming, vocals
    * Phil Pickett: (born Philip Stuart Pickett, 19 November 1946, Münster, Germany) 1973–present (except Checkpoint)
          o bass Nickelodeon, piano, guitarron, synthesised strings, calliope, xylophone, bass, cruz bass, Hammond organ, mandolin, autoharp, vocals (lead vocals on Dressed for Drowning)
    * Grant Serpell: (born Stephen Grant Serpell, 9 February 1944, Maidenhead, Berkshire) 1973-1979, 1990–present
          o drums, percussion, vocals
    * Gavin David: 1980
          o vocals
    * Virginia David: 1980
          o lead and backing vocals
    * Peter Lincoln: 1996-2006
          o 12-string and 6-string acoustic guitars, electric guitar, charango, lead vocals
    * Anthony England: 1999-2001
          o Nickelodeon, vocals
    * Rob Alderton: 2001-2005
          o Nickelodeon, accordion, vocals
    * Oliver Marsh: 2006–present
          o guitar, lead vocals


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