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Samim : Heater

Samim is also known as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Born into a Swiss-Iranian family, he was exposed to a wide range of musical influences throughout his life. Soon after discovering his passion for electronic music through hip hop and industrial music, he started to develop and enhance his renowned Syncopated Patterns and Hypnotic Rhythms. Early on Samim joined forces with Michal Ho, producing a wide range of music under the “Samim & Michal” brand. After their first EP “Dini Muater” appeared on the Zürich based label “Stattmusik” the duo was poised for success.

If you’d have said to anyone 12 months ago that Ibiza’s biggest hit of 2007 would have fused crunchy minimal techno beats with an ear buggeringly catchy accordion riff straight out of Columbia’s ghettos, people would have probably looked at you strangely. But as the last of the White Isle’s clubs have closed up for summer, the reign of Samim’s techno colossus Heater is only getting started. Continuing the trend for cherry picking the hottest records of Ibiza and launching them on an unsuspecting public, Ministry of Sound have signed Heater to Data Records, suggesting that the upper echelons of the Top 40 are about to get considerably more interesting.

Love or Hate

But ask Samim about the genesis of his biggest record to date and a simple objective is revealed.
“With Heater I was aiming at getting lots of people to laugh. That it would blow up so big, I could not of foreseen, I’m glad it did though. The reactions have been very diverse, ranging from love to hate - but always very passionate.”
Indeed, one of the major factors that has surrounded Heater’s success is the fact that people seem to either really love or hate the tune. How does any sane producer deal with this kind of reaction?
“I´m currently preparing, the official Heater hate and love club. Honestly, I enjoy any kind of reaction to Heater - sometimes the haters are even more passionate about it then the lovers!"

Accordion Fun

Undoubtedly, what makes Heater is the use of that accordion sample. It’s the playful, rasping tune that gradually forms over looped beeps and typically German clicks that causes dancefloors to erupt.
It’s been said to put the fun back into a minimal scene that takes itself rather seriously (an accusation Samim counters with “I strongly believe more humour is something everybody requires”).
But what many clubbers won’t realise when they’re showing off their barnstorming moves is that the sample is taken from a legendary folk composition.

“The accordion sample is a famous line in "cumbia music" called " La Cumbia Cienaguera".
Cumbia was mainly popular in Columbia during the 1950´s but still is played by lots of different band all over the world.
The original song has beautiful lyrics: "Vamos a bailar la cumbia porque la cumbia emociona, la cumbia cienaguera que se baila suavezona", which translates roughly into: "Let´s dance the cumbia because it´s exciting, the cumbia cienaguera which is danced very smoothly".
"Do that! Dance! Check out some videos featuring different version of the song at," says Samim.

Obsessions & Passions

Perhaps it’s unsurprising that Samim is influenced so strongly by global music, he himself is of Swiss-Iranian descent.
A cursory glance at his meticulously updated blog Robidog presents the reader with Youtube clips of a wide range of styles, from afrobeat, jazz and contemporary B-more and hip hop. However, as Samim explains, the blog is an innate part of his creative process.
“Robidog is a reflection of all my current obsessions, passions, research and development. When i´m producing new track, the community around Robidog is instrumental, as its a great way for me to get instant feedback to ideas.”
Already a respected DJ and producer, Samim’s 2005 record House Nation marked him out as a major player on the thriving Berlin underground scene, while his work with the likes of Michel Ho and Jay Haze have allowed him to experiment and develop different sounds through collaboration.

Samim - Heater


Although Heater has meant massive exposure, he is quick to point out that it is just one small part of his prolific output which is constantly expanding, including recent LP Flow.
“Even though I enjoy Heater’s success very much, for me its no more then just one track of more then 70 tunes which I have released throughout the last couple of years. Be sure to check them out!
"I’m currently producing a bunch of new EPs and coming up with ideas and sketches for the next album.”

For Samim the best thing about the Data release is the wider audience it will reach. “I hope it will inspire kids to open their programmes and sequence some beats” he affirms.
“I’m confident it will introduce new audiences to the virus until the whole world is covered!”
Haters be warned. 2007 is the year of the accordion.





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