Monday, 8 November 2010

Woman's Hour: Totó la Momposina, keeping the cumbia musical tradition alive


The Colombian singer and dancer Totó la Momposina has been performing professionally for nearly forty years. She is widely recognised as the foremost exponent of ‘cumbia’ music - a mix of African, indigenous Indian and Spanish musical traditions. In her homeland she’s known as a Candatora, a revered teacher and healer. She earned this title by actively working to preserve the traditions of the music of Colombia’s Caribbean coastline. She frequently sings at music festivals around the world accompanied by members of her family. Totó performs with her family and talks to Jane about her music and her mission to keep the music alive through the generations. They are joined by Euridice, Maria and Oriana Hollis, Totó’s daughter and granddaughters.

La Bodega is released on the 9th November/2009 by Astar Artes. Totó is performing at Cargo in London on Wednesday 16th September/2009.

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