Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Yo Soy Cumbia : A CBC Radio Documentary

Benoit Liard and Sergio Elmir...

Yo Soy Cumbia is a documentary about the many charms of latin america's most popular music, exploring how it travelled from the Caribbean coast of Colombia to the clubs, cafes and car stereos of the world, including Canada. Written and produced by David Dacks and Sergio Elmir, who also hosts. Listen
Host: Patti Schmidt

Yo Soy Cumbia traces the journey of Cumbia from the Caribbean coast of Colombia to become one of the most popular rhythms in the world. This is more than just a documentary about music; it explores how Cumbia has shaped the identities of some of this generation's leading figures in the genre.

Featuring interviews with:

Ruben Beny Esguerra: Toronto based percussionist and professor of music at York University

Mariano Franco: ringleader of Montreal's Psychotropical Orchestra and part of Sonido Nordico DJs

Andy Gillis: aka Uproot Andy, Brooklyn-based Cumbia producer and DJ

Roberto Ernesto Gyemant
: compiler of Colombia! and Panama! series for Soundway Records

Benoit Liard: aka DJ Bendude, host of Masala radio on CISM-FM and co-founder of Masalacism Records

Yo Soy Cumbia was produced for CBC Radio's Inside The Music.

Hosted and co-written by Sergio Elmir
Produced, edited and co-written by David Dacks

To listen click the link below.
  CBC Radio 2

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