Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Cumbia Ya

No me busquesNew CD 2009!!!!CUMBIA YA!

Cumbia Ya an argentinian band from Paris who plays Cumbia and tropical sounds including tipical dances from latin america on their shows are leading a great cumbia movement to another level.
Cumbia Ya! is one of the few orchestras in Europe wich bring the excitement of cumbia, the famous Colombian rhythm. Composed of eleven musicians from Argentina, Colombia and French, the orchestra carries audiences of all backgrounds on the track ignited a dance hall in South America. Their latest album entitled "No me Busques" (2009) is a tribute to the great composer Lucho Bermudez was an admirer of Benny Goodman and Sidney Bechet.

The great classics of Colombian culture mingle with compositions of the group to celebrate what the great Lucho Bermudez had already announced: the marriage between the traditional Colombian music and jazz big bands. Art and the complicity of jazz percussion applied to the haunting music that makes this festive Cumbia is even more appealing. The orchestra becomes a "repairer of instant moral" and the public, intoxicated, is increasingly common in France, in Europe and Latin America.

DISCOGRAPHY : La amenaza tropical (2004), No me busques (2009) 

CUMBIA YA! au Studio de l39ermitage.....Domani, Samedi 27 novembre....Puuuura cuuumbia de colooombia !!!!

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