Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Introducing La Chiva Gantiva by Richard Blair (2011)

A short review of Richard Blair about the new album of La chiva Gantiva recorded this year and soon to  be release worlwide. Richard Blair is an english producer of well know bands from Colombia as Sidestepper and Choc Quib Town and is now to give his magic touch to the new album of La Chiva Gantiva that for sure will be one of the most interesting recordings this year doing latin fusion overseas, including  funk, cumbia, rock, afro-colombian instruments and also including a colombian tiple to give a bit of carranguero style mixed between colombian and european musicians becoming a perfect match.

La Chiva Gantiva was born in Brussels, in 2005. Mainly composed by Colombian artists, its music is basically inspired by afro-Colombian music, and enriched by all kinds of modern sounds, like rock and funk.

The band has reached it’s own style and popularity by making numerous concerts all around Belgium,and is now presenting in Europe its latest EP: Apretao and soon his new album in 2011.

Originality is perharps the best quality of the band, which is constantly surprising its public while performing live.



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