Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Radio Groovalizacion

The brightest civilizations and golden ages have always been the result of melting pots and combinations of different traditions and knowledge. Groovalizacion likes to believe that progress comes from mutual understanding and tolerance. That it also comes from the pleasure to meet foreign cultures, to taste the subtle contrasts which enrich our perception.

Groovalizacion wants to give a voice to the new musical scenes, to create a place where traditions and modernity freely mingle: Fusion, world, electro, Celtic music, flamenco, jazz, tango, reggae, ska, soul, urban sounds, bossa-nova, klezmer, raï... There is no end to the list of sounds and perfumes which, build identities, bring dialogue and food for thought.

Groovalizacion is a music lab, a meeting place and one of cultural exchange. Its doors are wide open to the curious kind eager to try the cocktail a la Groovalizacion, rich in flavours and ingredients collected along the way and the different latitudes. It’s a torrid, fun and passionate atmosphere which will take you from São Paulo to Casablanca, Berlin to Dakar, Bombay to Buenos-Aires, Hong-Kong to la Havana...

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