Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Susana Baca : European Tour 2011

Susana Baca announced already her European Tour 2011, Check the dates of your cities and get ready for some Afro-Peruvian music spreaded by her lovely voice and charisma. Don't miss!! 

29.Apr.2011 I-Rome Sala Petrassi @ Auditorium Susana Baca
01.May.2011 D-Mannheim Alte Feuerwache Susana Baca
02.May.2011 D-Koblenz Café Hahn Susana Baca
03.May.2011 D-Freiburg Jazzhaus Susana Baca
04.May.2011 D-Darmstadt Centralstation Susana Baca
05.May.2011 F-Rouen Hangar 23 Susana Baca
06.May.2011 F-Brest Le Vauban Susana Baca
08.May.2011 D-Munich Bayerischer Hof Susana Baca
11.May.2011 D-Reutlingen Franz K Susana Baca
12.May.2011 A-Vienna Sargfabrik Susana Baca
13.May.2011 B-Gent Handelsbeurs Susana Baca
14.May.2011 D-Hamburg Fabrik Susana Baca
15.May.2011 LU-Luxembourg Conversatoire Susana Baca
16.May.2011 F-Paris New Morning Susana Baca
17.May.2011 BU-Sofia Live Club Susana Baca
20.May.2011 UK-London Jazz Café Susana Baca
21.May.2011 P-Guarda Teatro Municipal da Guarda Susana Baca
23.May.2011 MOR-Rabat Mawazine Susana Baca

Susana Baca is one of the great voices of modern Peru. She's taken the country's Afro-Peruvian musical heritage to stages and airwaves around the world, becoming a key figure in reviving a culture that had been largely ignored within its country. Her forthcoming album, Seis Poemas, isn't quite jazz. It is a tribute to a great voice of Peru from a different era: Chabuca Granda, a folk singer who became iconic to progressive movements and musicians throughout Latin America. With sparse arrangements, Baca emphasizes the lyrics, underscoring the renown Granda had as a songwriter depicting the simple beauties of Peruvian life and culture.

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