Monday, 21 March 2011

Tio Chango presents Afritanga : The African roots of Colombian music

Tio Chango brought some memories in our unforgetable heritage with this new compilation, the taste of Colombian fritanga and  the African roots in Colombian music. So this is the new sound of AfriColombia, a beautiful selection of papa criolla, chorizo on the side with a new CD of exquisite music fusion with the best bands in town.

AFRITANGA - The sound of Afro-Colombia is a musical journey that brings together classic pieces by the maestros of the country's Pacific and Carribean coasts and an urban sound of a new generation. "Afritanga" is a neologism, a compound word formed from Africa and 'Fritanga' - a mixed grill dish... but Afritanga is no dish, no Colombian speciality. It is an allusion to Afro-Colombian music and culture, describing a nascent development. Colombia's musicians are looking not to European rock or US hip hop but to their own musical roots.
The CD was compiled, which included a 28-page booklet in German, English and Spanish, by Steen Thorsson aka DJ Tio Chango.

Tracklisting:  1 Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno Cumbia Sobre El Mar feat. Nidia Gongora 06:14  2 Systema Solar Bienvenidos 03:22  3 Choc Quip Town Macru 04:52 4 Grupo Bahia Te Vengo a Cantar 05:54 5 Alfonso Cordoba El Brujo El Piloto 04:58 6 Tumbacatre Chorizo 04:32 7 Calambuco Guajira de un Abondonado 05:51 8 La33 Me Quedo 06:28 9 La Makina del Karibe Radio Gozambike 03:27 10 Colombiafrica - The Mystic Orchestra Mama Africa 06:07 11 Grupo Gualajo No Quiero 04:16 12 Paito Juancito Pena 05:19 13 Cynthia Montaño Chontaduro 04:15 14 Roots Radical Rastaman 05:32 15 La Revuelta Mamita 04:19


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