Saturday, 2 April 2011

Terrakota : True Underground

Music video for Terrakota from Portugal. The Music video is part of a project called True Underground .
The video was created in collaboration with Pooja / Kalishakti Productions:
Terrakota has made a final version of the song 'Illegal' for their latest album. An earlier mix of the song was used for this video.

More about Terrakota:

If you think Lisbon is just fado, well, think again, because here comes Terrakota (Angola/Portugal), the leader of the world fusion scene that emerged from the fusion of music and rhythms from the immigrants from the ancient Portuguese colonies Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique. Terrakota, led by Angolese vocalist Romi Anauel, fuses African rhythms with dance and reggae grooves and mixed it all with the gypsy, Indian and Arabic musical sensibilities. On top of that their lyrics are in Mandingo, English, French, and Arabic. Tonight they play music from their fourth album "World Masala".


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