Thursday, 26 May 2011

Support Pico de Gallos : An inside look at the underground music scene in Colombia


Help to Fundraise Pico de Gallos, a documentary which involved our latin american roots in Colombia. The Folk , our African influences and the story behind the birthplace of mother cumbia. This documentary will be a great support to forgotten artists and culture hidden all this years and now thanks to many artists and Dj's who believe in this new movement of  nu-cumbia is the way  to give the homenage that they deserve and a good archive for the future of our culture.

The Story

For the past three years, we've been traveling to Colombia at regular intervals to present a new sound fusing folkloric Afro-Colombian rhythms with modern day electronic music production techniques that harmonize into a synthetic club sound rooted in tradition. Via the internet, the birthplace of Cumbia has become a source of inspiration to a number producers worldwide. Recently, we invited some of the top names in the scene to a bandcamp in Colombia and a filmmaker to document it.  We want to provide an insider view of the impact this music is having on the local scene and how a small network of globally minded producers are defying conventional standards of Latin club music. We need you to watch this.

The Pledge
In order to complete our project, we need $6000 from our friends and supporters.  This amount will cover the production and post-production costs of completing our documentary.  The bulk of our costs come in the form of international flights and accommodations, equipment rentals, editing, promotional materials and the website we'll create to promote the documentary and keep you updated on our progress. Anything over the amount we're asking for will be re-invested in our next Bandcamp which will coincide with the Petronio Festival in August, a celebration of music from the Pacific Coast region.

Other Ways You Can Help

In addition to donating money, your talents are a welcome contribution to our project. If you're a grant writer, website designer, journalist, blogger, musician or creative type of any sort that would like to contribute to the project, we welcome you to drop us a line and let us know how you can help.

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