Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cumbia legend Marco Rayo dies


At 93 years died in Bogotá the composer and performer Marco Rayo, creator of the cumbia "Cartagena de Indias 'and bambuco' A mi Colombia. " Marco Rayo died last 12th June/2011.
The teacher Rayo was born in Cartado in 1938 and was an accomplished musician at an early age. During his career he formed groups such as Los Vlamers, Canvalle,Orchestra Orbita 99 and the group Los Violines Selectos de Marco Rayo.

Marco Rayo “died at his home, quiet, with the desire of having composed a song for every city in Colombia. Rest in peace maestro.

He also created this famous song for this jingle in Colombia. "La Fina"

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