Saturday, 4 June 2011

Esthercita Forero : The Bride of Barranquilla (R.I.P)

Esthercita Forero, composer and singer from Colombia died at age 92 at Clinica La Asuncion Barranquilla  after several health complications. Rest in peace one of the icons of latin american folklore.
Esther Forero(19.12.1919  - 03.06.2011)
Daughter of a policeman from Ocana and a woman from Honda, Esthercita born in 1919 in Barrio Abajo, rather than the painter Alexander Obregon, frequent visitor of that area, known as “The Montmartre of Barranquilla”, a unique place with their own architectonic style and with characters between the reality and  fiction.

People said that at four years old Esthercita already sang and danced, since then starts to learn the songs. Esthercita was known as “The bride of Barranquilla”, nickname which was named by the announcer Gustavo Castillo Garcia a radio presenter who ensure that a legend born that a Sunday afternoon when he invited to the radio station. Forero dressed in white to make a program in the radio drama of the voice of the motherland, and that nothing journalist said on the air. “Senoras and senores, Ladies and Gentleman... with you... the bride of Barranquilla”, and that's how was until today.
In the fullness of life and with her voice intact, confined in a hospital room and now next to Lucho Bermudez and Pacho Galan enjoying the music heaven; Esther, Esthercita was and will be the bride of Barranquilla forever.

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