Saturday, 18 June 2011

Miki Gonzalez : Afro-peruvian fusionist in London

Miki Gonzales is one prominent peruvian musician/producer. His carer spans over 30 years of rock, pop, and electronic music. He is also the pioneer in bringing traditional peruvian music and the afro peruvian culture to the forefront. An excellent guitarist and showman, his live gigs are astounding; presenting the vibrant colours of the peruvian culture in both sight and sound.
Miki G is also a Dj. his sets are just as interesting as everything he does. Don't miss this 25th June @ The Camp (Pisco Disco), where he will be mixing (DJ set) his unique blend of Andean/Amazonian rhythms and electronic beats; a surprised Jammin over the night by some of the best peruvian musicians in town to be confirmed , so show up and you will don't regret..
70-74 City Road, EC1Y 2BJ
London, United Kingdom
We had the opportunity yesterday to be on his talk and screenplay showing some of his memories from early years and his begginings into folk and afro-peruvian music when he started to create his project.  A great way to understand peruvian culture and keep traditions forever, Miki is back with new projects and nowdays again keeping into his music their origins of afro-peruvian culture. Soon we gonna release this talk  to our  followers but in the meantime we wanna share this video part of the tradition of peruvian dance and music included in his talk. Thanks to Miki gonzalez to bring to the UK more latin american culture and the traditions that we have to keep for new generetions.

More about Miki Gonzalez visit :

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