Friday, 12 August 2011

Catalino Parra, El ultimo sangre en la uña

On the banks of the Canal del Dique in the Rio Magdalena, CatalinoParra, a man in his eighties, recalls his experiences. Member legendary and composer's Pipers of San Jacinto ( Gaiteros de San Jacinto), Grammy Award winners 2007, we unveiled from its music and everyday history Soplaviento-Bolívar, his homeland, where time does not dent the progress, becoming a forgotten people of the Colombian Caribbean.
Director: Alex Perez, Leon Murcia.
Production: Stephanie Abello, Jorge Garcia
Coordinators: Giselle Lacouture "Queen of Carnival of Barranquilla 2010"
Executive producer: George Pe
ñaloza, Giselle Lacouture
Film by 
Alemao Producciones & Mojarra Films

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