Friday, 26 August 2011

Vallenato legend Lorenzo Morales dies
Legendary Vallenato singer, composer, and musician Lorenzo Morales has died at the age of 97.
Morales, known as “Moralito,” died in hospital surrounded by his wife and 37 children in the early hours of Friday morning 26/0/11.

He had been ill for several weeks with respiratory and kidney problems as well as chronic anaemia, and was hospitalized several days ago.

Having first achieved recognition for his accordion playing at the age of 17, Morales would go on to become famous for such songs as “La Gota Fria,” “El Errante,” “La Primavera,” and “La Carta y La Mala Situacion.”

On announcing his illness earlier in the week, Morales’ daughter Alix Cecilia told the press, “my dad has asked us not to mourn but that we clap, dress in red, and bring flowers of the same color.”

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