Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cumbia Computer : Pernett new device

This is the new video by Pernett, directly from Colombia into your computers, one of the  best Caribbean fusionistas is back with his electronic devices to release a new song this 2012 for his upcoming album Caribbean Computer to be out next summer.

Cumbia Computer include a mix of Gaita and tambora plus other traditional instruments from Colombia with the special touch of Pernett music. An intro with a voice who remind me Stephen Hawking make you feel beyond the future, transporting you into the journey of this master of Caribbean spirits which his music is the best way to keep tradition of our culture, following the path of our ancestors ,mixed with the evolution of the sounds and feel the richness of how music can go so far when is on the right hands. Big up Pernett!

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  1. master pernett!! this sounds amazing ! love the video